To noth or not to noth - is that the question?

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Types of Nothingness from Drug Intoxication

Alcohol:   severe drunkeness & alcoholism
Sedatives:   heavy sedation from benzodiazepines & other hypnosedatives
Opiates:   notably the 'heroin gouch/nod', a liminal hypnogogic state
Hallucinogens:   peak experiences involving ego-death etc.
Stimulants:   come-downs from binges lasting several days and nights


  1. Hiya Heftman,

    A new work* you're kicking off?

    Hallucinogens... I had a period where I was dropping LSD twice a week (pre-heroin). Of all the trips I swallowed I had 2 ok-ish ones. The side effects almost sent crazy. It was why opiates came as such a relief, s for the fist time in 3 years I had a normal day, without flashbacks, panic attacks and bouts of paranoia. Really awful experince andI stopped taking anything which is even mildly hllucuinogenic. I will write this up in full for Memoires as it's a very interesting drug story.

    * I really try not to call what we do 'blogging' or us 'bloggers'. No, we are writers and artists, and we self-publish on the net. Just because we are not paid doesn't mean we shouldn't be or cannot be or wll not be. So I don't like this blogging label as it has come to mean 'amateur' or 'would-be'.

  2. ps: excuse all the typos and missing ltters, my keyboard is playing up. It does it evry now and again - slows down almost to a stop and every 2n key I hit doesn't register. It is sometimes excruciatingly painful to write with.