To noth or not to noth - is that the question?

Monday, 22 October 2012


Metaphysics WHY and Wherefore set out one day To hunt for a wild Negation. They agreed to meet at a cool retreat On the Point of Interrogation. But the night was dark and they missed their mark, And, driven well-nigh to distraction, They lost their ways in a murky maze Of utter abstruse abstraction. Then they took a boat and were soon afloat On a Sea of Speculation, But the sea grew rough, and their boat, though tough, Was split into an Equation. As they floundered about in the Waves of Doubt Rose a fearful Hypothesis, Who gibbered with glee as they sank in the sea, And the last they saw was this: On a rock-bound Reef of Unbelief There sat the wild Negation; Then they sank once more and were washed ashore At the Point of Interrogation. Oliver Herford


  1. Well I was going to comment with a mirrored rhyme on metafiction... but the metre's a little more complex than first appears and so I quickly abandoned that idea. It would have also meant trying to figure out what the hell metafiction even is and I'm not quite ready to fall asleep just yet... X